• Broadband

    A wide selection of services, this varies a bit depending on the place of residence. The selection ranges from mobile solutions to extremely fast fiber networks. You have large influence in the choice of services, technology and price.

  • Insurance

    Papers ready for insuring the apartment.

  • Furniture, special

    This option is for if you have any special requests about furniture, function or style. We will listen to any of your wishes and return to you with proposals on how we can meet them.We also furnish homes that are not rented by us.

  • Parking, Garage

    An appreciated option. It´s nice to know there is a parking spot free where you expect it.

  • Cleaning

    You have many different choices in how wide the scope and in what form this service will take. The cleaning option makes for a comfortable home.

  • Telephony

    Flexible solutions designed to fill your needs. You have large influence in the design of services, technology and price.

  • Washing

    Very high service quality. We wash bed linen and towels according to agreement.

  • Requests

    Are you in need of an option that is not shown here? We are interested in hearing any of your requests, whereupon we will get back to you with a suggestion on how we can meet your request.