About YP MasterEnvironmental vision

Running a business, it affects both the environment and the climate. That is why we here at Renthome want to take special responsibility for the environment around us at all levels. This means that we must not only comply with government requirements - we must lead the development towards a greener society.

For us, this means that we must work towards becoming:


  • A climate-neutral company.
  • A company without unnecessary emissions of environmental toxins.


Knowledge is our strength. That is why we work daily to reduce the burden on the environment with a strong focus on e.g. carbon dioxide emissions.


  • Through our contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, we have begun to limit our physical viewings of our apartments.
    Of course, we know that customers want to be able to see their future possible apartment, so in the first place we offer a so-called 3D view of the apartment directly here on the company page, which makes it easy to see the furniture, size and floor plan, by computer or mobile phone you are able to walk virtually around our apartment and look around in 360 degrees.

When you are our guest, we hope that you will take part in our work and contribute yourself by:

  • Turning off lights and turning off the TV when you leave the room.
  • Turning off the tap when you do not need it and don't let it run for too long.
  • Collect the garbage and be sure to sort it accordingly when throwing it at the garbage station.


The most important thing for us is to create trust among our tenants and to take our global responsibility by offering an environmentally friendly experience and lodging, in our apartments.