About YP MasterNewsInformation regarding the coronavirus (covid-19)

With what the situation looks like today because of COVID-19, YP Master will now increasingly try to offer apartment viewings through our 360° digital displays of our apartments.
These give a good overview of how the apartment looks with the furniture it has and how the floor plan looks, which gives you as a customer a good image of the apartment without needing to be physically in place.

Even before this outbreak we have been working on providing these 360° digital viewings for all of our apartments for over a year now, since they make a good first impression of the apartment, this cuts down on the amount of physical viewings that is needed that otherwise take extra time, planning and does have a certain environmental impact, which we can now minimize.

Of course if you have seen one of our digital viewings of the apartment and you think it looks good, but want to see the apartment in person this can be arranged, but for the first impression we will always refer to our digital viewings that are available on our website.


In order to protect both our emplyees and our customers from possible infection, we have also switched to safer working methods within the company.

In case of any error reports that will be needing a technician to come to your apartment, we prefer the tenant is not in the apartment unless it is necessary, less serious error reports may also take longer time to fix or be postponed completely until after the pandemic has subsided.


Our office hours have also been reduced temporarily to Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8.30-12.30.
However you can still reach us beyond these times by e-mail or telephone, but please be prepared that answers may take longer time than usual.


You can reach us as normal on +46 868 44 88 60 or by email info@renthome.se


We hope you understand and that you take care of yourselves in these times.


Best regards

YP Master AB