About YP MasterNewsIncreased Covid-19 restrictions



Regarding the new restrictions by the swedish government to minimize exposure, we here at YP Master/renthome have decided to not have any physical viewings of our apartments in this current day.


For the majority of our apartments we do have a 3D viewing available on the website, so if you click in to an apartment or house that you are interested in it will most likely have this function where you can click yourselves through all the rooms and look around and have a virtual viewing in that way through your computer/phone/tablet.

If you are interested in an object that does not have this function and you would like to know more, you are welcome to contact us about it and we can better describe it or send more pictures of it.


Once this pandemic will calm down, then once again we will be able to do viewings of our apartments, I would however advise to always check for the 3D-viewings on our website first, this is a good indicator if that object is suited for your needs or not which can save us all a trip.